Saturday, May 31, 2008

Finishing up....for now

Things are winding down a little in the studio here in Charlotte before the baby comes (just two weeks from the due date!). Last weekend I dropped off my final 2 gallery orders up in the mountains of NC and this past week I've been working on finishing those last few personal orders that have been on my plate for some time. Above are beer steins for my uncle and family friends in Ohio, and a canister set for my mom. These are currently in the kiln drying to be fired (things have been drying very slowly). I'll glaze on Monday. It'll be fun to send these home with my mom for her new kitchen when she comes to visit in June.

I'm also working on a special project for a show at Lark and Key that they are presenting in July called the "Songcatcher" show. They've invited artists of all media to create a work that is directly inspired by a song. I've been throwing around several songs- all by Radiohead, of course. I'll be spending a good bit of next week working on that, but, overall, it should be a relatively relaxed time in the studio from now on. I've gotta take advantage of what little time is left pre-baby to kick my feet up!!!

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