Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Mosaic update

This is my last week of residency at Garinger High School- while it's a little relieving to have one less commitment on my plate, I'll really miss the students and two teachers I've gotten to know over the past 6 weeks. We're moving right along with the prototype for the public art project I'll be working on in the fall. Here's the mosaic pieces glazed, but not yet fired: Yesterday I spent time attaching the fired tiles to a frame that Brian built for me. We had to bulk up the base a bit because it's pretty heavy. I learned a lot through this process that will help me once we start work on the actual trash receptacles. The biggest lesson was that it's a bit difficult to keep even spacing between the tiles when they're relatively big and have both rounded and straight areas on the same piece.
Today in class we'll be grouting the piece with black grout, and then I'll finish up the edge somehow (probably with some trim or I may just spray paint it black to match the rest of the frame).

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