Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Glazing and reflecting

Recently my days have become less and less routine. Time in the studio is broken up with doctor's appointments, teaching, nesting, meeting friends for lunch and just plain napping! As glamorous as I realize that this may seem to some (believe me, I love having a job that allows me so much freedom), I'm having a hard time reconciling my "potter brain" with my upcoming "mom brain." Several months ago my new mom persona planned accordingly to greatly reduce my commitments this summer due to the coming of our new little one, but the potter in me wants to be fulfilling orders, building my inventory, experimenting on new forms, and just plain playing in the studio. As I read my last blog entry's title: finishing up....for now, I felt a little melancholy, as though an "era" in my life is passing. Life as I know it (just plain life and studio life) will never be the same. It goes without saying that I am completely ecstatic about meeting this little one who's been with me constantly for the last nine months and being a mom, but a small part of me is admittedly mourning my past potter's life in the face of some of the upcoming changes. I am encouraged by the fact that I have some great examples of potter mom's to look up to and an incredibly encouraging and supportive husband, who's behind me 100% to continue working as a potter.

That being said, I'm off to work- first to fold and put away the diapers I just washed and then to the studio to finish up the glazing I started yesterday.


Jen Mecca said...

I am soooooo here for you and love the fact that I will have someone near by who can relate to my pull and pushes of both things. You'll do great and I am always here if you need a ear or shoulder for support.
Last weekends events with having to pull out of our meeting had a lot to do with the push and pull of family and pottery, its hard sometimes to decide what comes first. You kind of feel like superman having to change capes a lot. ( My telephone booth travels with me everywhere I go!) I'm sending you happy mom and potter thoughts! I can't wait to meet Gus! ( We'll see if the boy vibe was true)
Lots of Love, Jen

Mama V said...

Thanks for the honest post. You'll figure it out! I'll be thinking of you and sending support from afar during the times of big transitions to come...

tsbroome said...

Well, Amy your life will definitely change, but it will be better than you ever thought possible!
Pottery and kids, hmm..... my daughter is 15, I took my first class with Fran Brown at Clayworks when Wesley was 9, and I am still trying to juggle things around to find my own time. It is possible, you just have to be very creative, which you obviously are! I quit my job as a designer because I had to travel all of the time. I started teaching kid's art and pottery classes but can't do that after school, so I made up a class for the ArtsCenter in Carrboro to offer for home school kids and toddlers, that way I could teach in the mornings while Wes was at school. I also teach morning adult classes for the Urban Ministries and I do school residencies. Anything that will let me be home in the afternoon with her. My best advise: READ READ READ to your child!! Every day from the moment you walk in the door with them. He/she will be brilliant if you do :)
ps: I found your blog through Ron's blog, which I love.

Ron said...

Hey Amy. I have no great advice. Do you think you have time to come visit me and help me work out some issues I'm having with my pots? Me, Me, Me.
Just kidding. Hope you are doing okay, I thought about calling you tonight but realized it was much too late. Maybe we can catch up soon. Take care.

Amy said...

Thanks for all your support, ladies (and gentleman!). I had this peaceful feeling of excitement later on in the day about all the new discoveries and experiences we'll have with this little one. I'm looking forward to seeing how being a mom will influence my work in the future.