Sunday, May 25, 2008

Handmade for our little one!

While in the baby's room (which is a total mess as of now!) this weekend I noticed that we've received a good number of amazing handmade gifts for our little one. I love the idea of having things around him/her that have been made with care from family members and friends.

First off: a wall piece (sorry, it kept uploading vertically) made by our friend Terry. It's based on one of her favorite books that she used to read to her son when he was little and also includes our "family crest" in the middle- featuring pottery, music, a cross, and hammer and nails. We can't wait to hang it!
This is an amazing little jacket and hat that Brian's Aunt (and godmother) Maryanne made for us: We've gotten a lot of beautiful quilts and blankets- the one on the left was made by one of my handbuilding students, Donna, and the one on the right was a quilt made for me by my grandma Martha when I was little:This blanket on the top left was embroidered by Brian's Aunt Mary, the ABC quilt on the bottom is another one that my Grandma Martha just recently made for our little rascal and the blanket on the right was made by my sister Leslie.I don't want to be biased (but I'm pregnant and allowed to do that, aren't I?) but I think my favorite handmade gift for our baby was this little chair made by Brian's cousin Steve. It's pretty incredible. He said that a little fat kid, or a skinny one with teddy bears stuffed in the side, would fit perfectly. It's super cute!


Ron said...

I think Parker would look good in that chair too. He's a little pudgy. All beautiful things.
(My images have been loading the wrong way too for some reason)

Delilah said...

Yes handmade baby gifts are THE BEST!
I love the mint green sweater. It's beautiful. Good luck with your baby!

Jen Mecca said...

That chair is amazing! You know, Quaid had that same little sweater in Aqua that someone made him as a baby. I think he only wore it once because he WAS a puddy baby but I saved it. SO Cute! I miss those days.
Have you gotten into the book I got you yet? Jen

Helen said...

Ah - I love the wall piece - it's precious - good luck with the decorating!