Monday, May 5, 2008

This past weekend

Brian was away this weekend at an Appalacian Service project (putting 6,000 sf of metal roofing on their volunteer housing in Chavies, KY), so I had the house to myself. Friday evening was perfect outside- one of those "Carolina blue" days, so I sat out on the deck and ate dinner. I felt like a little kid because I would take a bite of food, lean back in my chair and stare up at our beautiful pin oak while chewing. This picture hardly does justice to this tree. It's massive and creates a canopy over much of our front yard. I was able to get a good bit of work in the studio- preparing for the Barn Sale this coming Saturday. Here's a few items ready for stamping and handles.
A few dessert plates drying...
Hopefully I'll finish up most of this work today and tomorrow. I won't have much time after that in the studio due to teaching all day Wednesday and Thursday, a demo at Cabarras County Arts Council Thursday night and friends coming in town Friday for the RADIOHEAD!! concert. Not that I'm excited about that or anything. This baby needs to hear some good music before he/she meets the world.

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