Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pottery zoo

While I was doing some dishes this morning, I realized that many of our recent pottery purchases have featured a variety of animal characters. Here are a few of my favorites:

A squirrel tumbler by Bernadette Curran:
A mug with a cute little cat (?) in a carriage, by Kirk Lyttle:
A toad teabowl by Ron Meyers:
A fish bowl by Greg Scott:
Little owl family (by me)- I guess this doesn't technically count as a purchase...:
A bug bottle by Laura Zindel:A fishy teabowl by Ron Philbeck:And, finally, the monkey plate by Ayumi Horie:
How could one not smile while using any of these?


Ron said...

Those are all fun dishes. I see you got the toad and Juile got Satan. Ha! Have a good day.

Patricia Griffin said...

Love these pieces. Thanks so much for sharing. I've enjoyed reading your posts!

niel said...

gimme some of that delicious butter on the countertop by philbeck's piece

Amy Sanders said...

Oh Niel. Only you would notice that- I hadn't even. I had taken my little owl dish out of the refridgerator to take a picture of it and you couldn't see the owls unless the butter was out. Nice, steryl and classy.