Monday, June 9, 2008

Greatest friends ever!

This weekend was a bit of an eventful one outside of the studio for the Sanders family. Brian and I spent some time organizing and getting things in line in anticipation of our little one (I cleaned out our bedroom closet floor that probably hadn't been touched in 6 years- oh the shame!). I found some interesting "treasures" and funny pictures from back when we were dating in high school (think junior homecoming):
On Saturday morning Brian and I got out early to play a round of disc golf, and I had the shot of a lifetime: I totally hit a squirrel. It was stunned for a short period of time and then ran off. Maybe it was a sign- for what? I don't know.
Now, the reason for the title of this entry, on Sunday six of the greatest friends anyone could ask for came over and cleaned our house from top to bottom- we're talking ceiling fans, windows, floors, the refrigerator! Thank you so much Erin, Ryan, Jess, Timmy, Carrie and Mike. You guys rock! Thanks also to Doug and Barbara for the meal that wrapped up this cleaning frenzy. 
On a final note, here's our little buddy Gavin trying out the chair that Brian's cousin made for us- he's so smooth.


debaroo said...

WOW That photo brings back memories!! Amy you & Bri are going to be great parents! We can't wait to see our little Grandbaby! God bless you all.

Ron said...

I totally wanted to click and enlarge that prom pic. I hope you've got it on the fridge for me to see tomorrow.

Man, you have whacked that squirrel again, you could have had some squirrel stew.

I've got to get started on my songcatcher piece. Sounds like you've got some free time and good ideas, will you just crank one out for me? (I don't know why you aren't resting!!!!!)

Gotta go. DaRona

Ron said...

That's supposed to say' should have whacked..."


brian said...

i'm not sure i approved the use of this picture ;)