Sunday, June 15, 2008

Studio piddling

Since I don't feel like I can commit to any large scale projects or production right now, I've just been taking a little time every day to piddle in the studio. I've recently really enjoyed experimenting with some large terra sig tiles, so I thought I'd work on some more.

Here's a couple of giraffe tiles that will find a home in some friends baby's room. Early in the process, I cut out a silhouette of the main image, paint terra sig around it, and then apply a pattern of acrylic medium resist:
The tile after wiping with water (the bird pattern was what resisted): Color, drawn detail and spots added to the tiles- ready to fire:
Here's a look at some sketches of birdcages I made before working on my first tile. I looked at a lot of vintage cages and found some good vintage fabric swatches online as samples.Arranged paper cut-outs to help determine the composition.


Mama V said...

Can't wait to see the end result.

jbf said...

Beautiful work as always.

Amy Sanders said...

Thanks guys. I got them in the kiln today and will fire tomorrow. I'll try to post finished pictures by the end of the week if I can get the completed before the baby comes!

Becky said...

Very cool stuff. Enjoy seeing how you work with terra sig as I'm quite new to it. Am really looking forward to seeing pictures of your newest "creation." The nursery art is phenomenal!