Monday, April 7, 2008

Back to work II

Today was a good day in the studio- I finally had a good, long work day to catch up on making things for the Circle of Eight sale at my house this weekend. I had the flu all last week, which pretty much kept me on the couch (not fun, except for all the basketball I was able to watch!) and out of the studio.

I had to make a decision whether to make some of my regular stoneware (of which I am very low on stock) work for the sale, or to spend time with the earthenware. Well, the new earthenware work won over. I've had some ideas I really wanted to work on, such as continuing with those crazy owls. Here's a bunch of halves waiting to be put together:

These guys were turned into bud vases. I did them in groupings of 2 and 3- I think they turned out pretty good; they're a little cooky.

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Charlie said...

Glad you are feeling better!