Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Upcoming sale and belly update

This Saturday is our spring Circle of Eight Sale at our house. Hopefully the weather will cooperate- it's only supposed to rain overnight Friday night and a little in the morning. We've been blessed with beautiful weather every other sale, so hopefully that will continue. This time we have two great guest artists from the Seagrove area- Blaine and Laura Avery. They'll make a good addition to all the work that the Circle will have for sale. More detailed directions and info below:
Here's a little (actually big) belly update- complete with an almost a double-chin: very flattering. Brian thought it'd be funny to get a dramatic angle. Ha ha. Ha. I swear I'm laughing. Yikes, I just looked back at a prior belly posting and realized just how much bigger I am....


Ron said...

Is that a watermelon under there!? :-)
Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, and the new pots too. The owls are cool.

Amy said...

Yep. Smuggling.