Sunday, April 13, 2008

On a personal note....goodbye old friend

No, we didn't lose one of our pets, and a close friend is not moving away. Brian and I made our first ever "real" furniture purchase today: ie- something from an actual furniture store, not used, borrowed or from a flea/antique market. Our old guest room was recently turned into the baby's room, so we needed something to continue our B & B, revolving door of friends and family and guests tradition. So we're now proud, adult-like owners of a new hide-a-bed! So, goodbye so ugly it's lovely couch with the rounded front and way too squishy cushions, sniff sniff: Hello new couch that will soon feel like home.


Anonymous said...

Very nice new couch that will nicely and comfortably accommodate the ever-expanding (oh my gosh!, it's toooo cute) belly. Love, Yo Ma :-)

Ron said...

Nice sofa! Did you guys go to the Sofa Express sale? Sarah bought a new chair today for her therapy office. I got a new pair of pants. (Not Carhartts though)