Saturday, April 26, 2008

This and that

In the studio today I've been working on finishing up a teapot for another teapot show- the 2nd Annual Invitational at Craftsman House Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL. This guy will go in the bisque kiln tomorrow if it's dry enough. I've been told before that this form reminds people of a 50's toaster oven.(?) My Pop asked me to post images of the finished owl vases, so here are a couple. My favorite was the triple in the 2nd picture. It was the last one I completed- I like the raised base, so I think when I make more they'll be like that.

This year our roses have completely exploded. I cut a few and put them in my favorite vase by one of my favorite potters- Katheryn Finnerty, who makes amazing earthenware pots. I got this last year at the Minnesota Potters Annual Tour and sale that happens over the weekend of Mother's Day. My friend Julie and I have traveled up there the past 2 years to help wrapping and packing pots at host Bob Briscoe's house. It's a great sale and a very good time- worth a road trip for sure! But, because of my preggy status, I don't get to go this year. Ron's filling in, the lucky bum!!!

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