Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cleveland County Fair

I just had my very first experience at a county fair, and did it all the way by going to the Cleveland County Fair in Shelby, NC. Brian and I met Ron and Sarah Philbeck at the fairgrounds and headed straight for the pig racing.
That's Hammy Hammlin taking a victory lap (literally) after being the first to race to the cheese puffs awaiting him at the CHECKERED FLAG (imagine a public announcer guy saying this in a very deep, excited voice).
After that, we headed over one of the main entertainment areas to check out the Kenyan Acrobats who were pretty amazing. They flipped, balanced themselves (on each other and a board full of nails, see below- yikes), jumped through flaming hoops- all on thin carpet over concrete. I couldn't help but be worried about their joints- how motherly of me.Then we checked out the giant mama pig, the rabbit house, chicken house, craft house, canning house and got corn dogs. Ron showed us his favorite fair game: Fat Albert. Its a betting game where you put a quarter on one of many colors that correspond with a wheel that is spun. Then a rat comes out of a cup and runs to a hole of a specific color in the wheel. I don't know if that's explained right, but check out Ron losing, again...

We finished off the afternoon with some fudge and a picture in front of the "famous" water wheel. It's where typically parents pay 25 cents to have their children paged to if they're lost. Ron generously paged me when I came out of the bathroom. It's good to have concerned friends!

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Jen Mecca said...

Wow if I was Hammy Hammlin I'd run to get a cheese puff too!j