Saturday, October 6, 2007


So I have an (un?)healthy obsession with Funfetti cake (the Pillsbury, from a box, cake of sugary goodness). I like to bake it for friends and family for celebrations- sometimes I'll even make up things to celebrate just for the sugar fix. This love of festive sweetness has inspired these new plates.

I really enjoy making items for a specific purpose (I make some rectangular bowls that are intended specifically for asparagus). I had some for sale a couple weeks ago at our Circle of Eight sale, and just had to make more. These colors are very different for me, as I usually use darker, earth tones on my work. The brightness is very appealing to me and change can be good, but I'm finding it hard to decide if I want to integrate these colors into my other work. We'll see.

This one was my favorite; and since today's (Sunday) my 31st birthday, I'm going to keep it (I hardly ever hold onto my own work) and have some cake!
These red ones are pretty crazy! The best part about these pieces are that my sister-in-law, Tammy, helped me make them. She's a rock star!


carrie said...

they look great amy!
happy birthday!!!

Jen Mecca said...

Happy Birthday Groovy chic!!!
Ok, those plates just scream for cupcakes! I have to trade you for one of those flower one's, maybe two because I know the girls would love to eat off of those. I love this new stuff your doing. J

Scott Smith said...

Amy, it was great meeting you at the Circle of Eight sale. I love your work.

Surprisingly, I find myself really liking the idea of asparagus bowls (maybe because I really like aspargus)! I'm bummed I didn't see them. Could you post a picture?

I also like your whimsical cake plates.

Amy Sanders said...

Scott- the next time I make some asparagus, I'll take a picture of the bowl...yum

Elaine Spallone said...

Happy Birthday Amy- those plates would serve some apple pie too!

debaroo said...

You are the clay Mistress!!! You rock girl!
I love the snitch addition!