Saturday, April 26, 2008

This and that

In the studio today I've been working on finishing up a teapot for another teapot show- the 2nd Annual Invitational at Craftsman House Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL. This guy will go in the bisque kiln tomorrow if it's dry enough. I've been told before that this form reminds people of a 50's toaster oven.(?) My Pop asked me to post images of the finished owl vases, so here are a couple. My favorite was the triple in the 2nd picture. It was the last one I completed- I like the raised base, so I think when I make more they'll be like that.

This year our roses have completely exploded. I cut a few and put them in my favorite vase by one of my favorite potters- Katheryn Finnerty, who makes amazing earthenware pots. I got this last year at the Minnesota Potters Annual Tour and sale that happens over the weekend of Mother's Day. My friend Julie and I have traveled up there the past 2 years to help wrapping and packing pots at host Bob Briscoe's house. It's a great sale and a very good time- worth a road trip for sure! But, because of my preggy status, I don't get to go this year. Ron's filling in, the lucky bum!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Current exhibitions

I have a few pieces at a couple of exhibitions currently: a teapot show in St Louis at the Craft Alliance called Infusion 10 x 10. There's a great online catalog with many sweet teapots. I couldn't figure out how to put the images on my post, so check out the website slide show if you can.

There's also a show in Rock Hill, SC that I'm participating in with a group of artists that were also affiliates at the McColl Center for Visual Art. We've shown together in several other settings, and this came together to be a good show.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I recently was awarded a very exciting commission through the Arts and Science Council here in Charlotte as an artist in residence at my neighborhood high school. I'll specifically share more about the actual project in the near future. Today I start my residency with a large presentation that includes talking about my work, which got me deliberately thinking about what inspires me. While I've definitely thought about this before (almost everyday), especially when writing an artist statement, I've never really compiled images. I also realized that there are a LOT of things that are inspirational to me. Here are a few:

Patterns in fabrics:Quilts (not my cat, neccessarily):Construction:Oribe pots:Repetition and pattern in nature:
Gathering of friends and family:

And, of course, obnoxiously decorated funfetti cake:

Sunday, April 13, 2008

On a personal note....goodbye old friend

No, we didn't lose one of our pets, and a close friend is not moving away. Brian and I made our first ever "real" furniture purchase today: ie- something from an actual furniture store, not used, borrowed or from a flea/antique market. Our old guest room was recently turned into the baby's room, so we needed something to continue our B & B, revolving door of friends and family and guests tradition. So we're now proud, adult-like owners of a new hide-a-bed! So, goodbye so ugly it's lovely couch with the rounded front and way too squishy cushions, sniff sniff: Hello new couch that will soon feel like home.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Upcoming sale and belly update

This Saturday is our spring Circle of Eight Sale at our house. Hopefully the weather will cooperate- it's only supposed to rain overnight Friday night and a little in the morning. We've been blessed with beautiful weather every other sale, so hopefully that will continue. This time we have two great guest artists from the Seagrove area- Blaine and Laura Avery. They'll make a good addition to all the work that the Circle will have for sale. More detailed directions and info below:
Here's a little (actually big) belly update- complete with an almost a double-chin: very flattering. Brian thought it'd be funny to get a dramatic angle. Ha ha. Ha. I swear I'm laughing. Yikes, I just looked back at a prior belly posting and realized just how much bigger I am....

Monday, April 7, 2008

Back to work II

Today was a good day in the studio- I finally had a good, long work day to catch up on making things for the Circle of Eight sale at my house this weekend. I had the flu all last week, which pretty much kept me on the couch (not fun, except for all the basketball I was able to watch!) and out of the studio.

I had to make a decision whether to make some of my regular stoneware (of which I am very low on stock) work for the sale, or to spend time with the earthenware. Well, the new earthenware work won over. I've had some ideas I really wanted to work on, such as continuing with those crazy owls. Here's a bunch of halves waiting to be put together:

These guys were turned into bud vases. I did them in groupings of 2 and 3- I think they turned out pretty good; they're a little cooky.