Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happenings on Dade St.

Yes, yes. I've been away for some time. There's been plenty going on in the studio, but not much computer action. Blogging time has been a bit (happily) distracted by this guy:
....and this rotten (but totally sweet) little guy:
My goal is to jump back in the blogging saddle and update more often...we'll see how that goes! Onto the studio action:
In January, I spent a good bit of time "freshening" up my stamp collection. I have over 200-300 stamps in my "vocabulary" of imagery, but typically only end up using about 20 or so with any regularity. This new round has been one of the best and the results have been very inspiring. Here's a quick preview of a new way that the stamps have been appearing on the pots in a form of "stamp applique."
I'm really excited about the potential of this new surface and am anxious to see these pieces fired through glaze. They may need a whole new clay body and glaze surface (GASP!). We'll see...