Saturday, July 12, 2008

Handmade for Guthrie's room #3

Things have been going well in the Sanders' household, and we've been so blessed with the generosity of our friends and family during this time of newness with our little Guthrie. We've had lots of visitors; gifts of food, time, goodies for Guthrie, and more beautiful artwork to adorn his room. I'll tell ya what, this guy has some of the best artwork in the house in his room.

I've posted before about some of the great gifts and purchases of handmade works in Guthrie's room. If you would like to see prior postings with more handmade goodies for Guthrie's room, you can find them here or here.

Here are a couple more great gifts we've received:
A hand-woven basket by artist (and ceramic student of mine) Bev Nagy. She's currently an affiliate artist at McColl Center of Visual Art and is currently working on some sculptural woven pieces.

This is a beautiful drawing of an eastern screech owl (aptly identified by my bird-loving brother-in-law Tom) by another ceramic student of mine, Betsy Birkner. As if one couldn't tell by her amazing detail, she used to be a scientific illustrator.
And, finally, an absolutely incredible painting by my good friend and favorite painter, Duy Huynh. He so thoughtfully painted this specifically for Guthrie and told me that the colors and patterns were inspired by my pottery, which makes this piece so special to us.

And it looks totally stunning on the orange wall!


Mama V said...

Love the contrasting art/walls on that last shot!

Patricia Griffin said...

What a beautiful room. And a lucky baby! How nice to have such personal art on the walls for him. Great beginnings!

Becky Knight said...

Duy Huynh is my absolute favorite artist. Something about his work resonates so deeply with me. I am totally in awe that he painted something for Guthrie - how awesome. My life's goal is to own one of his paintings!!!

ronan peterson said...

gosh, wow, congratulations amy, had no idea a little guthrie was on the way. i send many thoughts and vibes of energy and clearheadedness, cause heaven knows kara and i havent had a whole lot of sleep or coherency since nolan came to visit us and decided to stay a while.

i was wondering if i could trouble you and your family for a couch or floor to crash on the first friday night of september. im doing the mint pottery sale and im trying to find a closeby, cheap overnight accomondation...if its too much with the baby or you dont want to have to look at my ugly mug(s) i totally understand. but please let me know soon so i can ask some other generous souls.

good luck with everything and it is exciting about the babe.

thanks and blessings, ronan peterson

Amy Sanders said...

I sent you an email, but just in case, yep you are more than welcome to stay with us that weekend. I'll send directions soon. Good to hear from you and congrats on the show!

mathew said...

Wow, this is the marvulous art. His room is so beautiful with this arts. He is a greate artist who is made this arts.