Friday, July 25, 2008

Aesthetic experience

I can't remember where I heard this (whether it was at a workshop or I read it somewhere, whatever), but someone described a sketchbook/journaling exercise their teacher had them try to churn up some creativity. He had asked his students to try to recall their very first "aesthetic experience." One person remembered his first experience to be white sheets blowing slowly on a laundry line in the wind. When I heard this, it sparked memories of a very similar vision from my childhood.

Ron recently had a posting about seeing and having visual experiences all day long. I feel like their are definitely times when I do have my blinders on, and then others when I seem to have really strong glasses. A couple days ago Brian, Guthrie and I made the drive from our hometown of New Richmond, OH to Charlotte. Every time we make this drive I marvel at the views: corn, tobacco, and soybean fields in OH; the rolling hills, fences and green meadows of KY; and the green mountainscapes of WV and VA. While much of the ceramic work I make is influenced by textiles, patterns, sewing and quilting, I can't help but recognize that these landscapes greatly impact my finished products.

Well, my most recent aesthetic experience occurred this morning as I was hanging out some laundry (such a domestic diva I am!). While a row of diapers hanging limply on a windless morning doesn't quite seem as, let's say- romantic, as white sheets blowing gently in an afternoon breeze, I still can appreciate the vision: the repetition of the white blocks of cloth, the patterns in the little wrinkles. Not to mention the cute little behind they were recently covering!


Ron said...

Glad none of Brian's undies were out there!
Nice to have a posting from you.
Catch ya soon.

Amy Sanders said...

That was the day before...I have a picture of that if you'd like to see.

barbara chadwick-bland said...

Hi Amy!

I have finally got my blog up and would love it if you checked it out! Of course it is a work in progress and I am still trying to figure out how do things on the site slowly but surely!

Give that cutie pie a kiss from me!
(Guthrie too ;-P )


Amy Sanders said...

Glad to hear it Barbara. It looks great!

Jen Mecca said...

Ok, your back to being my hero if you are a go with the cloth diapers! Way to go!!!! Jen

T.Sudheer said...




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