Saturday, January 5, 2008

A little visitor

My wedging table has a window above it that looks into my neighbor's backyard (and no, I wasn't peeping). During a marathon wedging session yesterday I happened to look up and see this little guy, nestling down in the tree. He (or she?) was fluffing up its feathers and really getting comfortable for some time. It reminded me of my cat, Parker, who is fat and cuddly and quite a character, and will quit at nothing to get comfortable (or fed).

I have a new found appreciation of birds, as my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are bird watchers and just got these new amazing binoculars. They took Brian and I on a short birdwatching stint. It would be fun to be able to identify birds.

Here was the result of my wedging labor yesterday. Although not much actual work got done. I ended up going to the Clayworks monthly potluck lunch, which was fun and yummy. Those ladies know how to cook. When I got home, a friend who now lives out of town stopped by and we ended up talking for 2 1/2 hours! That's the pleasure of working for yourself, I guess. That means more work for today!


Ron said...

Hey Amy. I have been really into birds for quite a while but haven't really studied up on them or anything. We have lots of bluebirds which I love and all the other common country birds, robins, cardinals, house wrens,sometimes a heron at the creek, and lots of geese in the field next door at certain times. They have worked their way onto my boxes and this morning I was drawing some long neck birds to put on my earthenware. My father in law is a bird watcher.
Good job on the wedging. I am lazy and do all mine with the pugmill (a Bluebird 440, birds again).
Thanks for the help with the glazes etc.

Amy Sanders said...

We just put out a bunch of seed in our feeders, so I'm hoping to see more soon. Posey had her eye on a cardinal for over a half an hour (it was my lunch break) the other day in the sun room. I bet she was really frustrated by that glass!