Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back in the studio

While the picture to the left may not seem too impressive to the causual observer...I spent much of yesterday morning and early afternoon cleaning and reorganizing my studio. This was probably the messiest area (I should've taken a before picture)- my desk. I literally, and shamefully had over a foot of random papers, postcards, mail, and junk on each of those shelves and on my desk. It feels good, now, to have all the books and magazines organized so I can actually use them. And I put up some favorite photos of family and friends, so I won't get lonely while I'm working by myself. My friend Julie and I were talking yesterday about how it would be so much easier if we would just take the extra minute to put things where they belong, rather than spending hours trying to reorganize. I guess that's one lesson I didn't learn well when I was three (or thirteen, or thirty)!


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I haven't learned that lesson yet either (and I'm almost 54)!