Wednesday, January 16, 2008

All that's left

Today I returned to Clayworks for the winter session. Once again, I'm teaching 2 sessions of handbuilding. This morning's class had several returning students, one who hasn't taken in a year and she's back (yeah!) and many new eager students. It looks like it'll shape up to be a great session. We're going to be working on bowls (some to keep, some to donate to Second Harvest Food Bank event), wall pieces, a box with a drawer, and as many other projects I can fit in 10 weeks. I always have unrealistic expectations of what we can accomplish in one 10 week session, but there's so much one can do with clay, it overwhelms me (in a good way)!!!

After class I headed to Tic Toc for a yummy lunch, and then on to the Mint Museum downtown to check out the Fiberart International exhibit. For those of you who live in or near Charlotte, it's one show to see. It basically blew open the concept of what fiber art is, for me, and included many wallpieces, sculptures, and objects. It made me inspired to explore sewing materials other than fabric. I'll share sometime if I actually get around to it!

After my little excursion downtown I headed to tutoring, and then home to discover that one of my daggum (that's darn for you non-southerners) cats knocked one of the plants out of the garden window! AAARGG. Of course it was in one of my favorite pots (I can't figure out if pots become my favorite before or after they're broken!): it was one my professor in college had made and given to me. Bummer. Here's all that's left:

The problem is that Parker and Posey love to sit up in the window and chatter at the birds outside in the fig tree. Usually there aren't quite this many plants in the window because many of them are outside during the spring and summer. Parker, the fat one, has a charming way of squeezing his body in the smallest available spot. It just doesn't work well for fatty. Although I can't accuse him of doing it because I wasn't there to see it happen- just home in time to discover the pile on the floor and little dirt and ceramic treasures scattered around the house. I wish I could ground those crazy cats, but what can I do? Not pet them for a day? Yeah right.


Jen Mecca said...

Ah yes.... just wait...cats!! Pee-shaw!!!( And yes, I have an evil grin on my face) Jen

Amy Sanders said...

Jen, you are rotton and evil!