Monday, January 28, 2008

Doh!!! & duh!

This past week for me has been filled with random blunders and clumsy acts that have gotten me questioning if I need to just go away for a couple of days and start anew. This all culminated about an hour ago with the discovery that I had committed the ultimate mistake when making a stamp: I didn't create the mirror image, and thus ended up with a stamp that was opposite what I wanted (see the little swoosh going down to the left instead of the right)! DARN! DANG!

I'm working on a project for the Community Blood Center of the Carolinas: creating volunteer and donor awards for their 5th anniversary celebration. I have the pieces made and ready to receive patterns and textures that contain the CBC's logo of a blood drop. Luckily, I decided to test out my stamps really quickly before I went to town on the 12 platters and 8 vases I had made. Needless to say, I was much more careful when making the new stamps to do them backwards!


Elaine Spallone said...

amy!!!! we need to have words....cbb?? ;-)

Amy Sanders said...

Hey- you're no longer working there, so no worries. Right?

Elaine Spallone said...

Of course not, but it is the past that kicks in --some part of me still loyal...and remembering...good for you really!!