Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm a big dork and I don't care...

A couple years ago, I remember having a conversation with Brian's cousin about how he will sometimes exercise while on the job. Steve's a construction worker, so he said that sometimes he would run to his truck from inside when he needed a tool or run to the woodpile, etc. Well, on Tuesday I missed my morning workout and it was too rainy to take a walk outside, so I figured, "why can't I do a workplace workout?" Obviously I wasn't going to run laps around my slabroller, and I was glazing. One of the first steps for me while glazing is to brush on black glaze in the textured areas of my pots (which is pretty much everywhere). Since it doesn't require a lot of precise marking, I felt like maybe I could fit in a little movement. So my brilliant solution was to march in place while brushing.

Needless to say, about 1 canister set and 8 mugs into it I looked down and happened to notice how ridiculous I must have looked. There I was, latex-gloved, belly sticking out of a too small shirt, marching and glazing in my studio. I started laughing so hard that I had to sit down- thank goodness no one was there to witness this in person, but I am considering making a video: "Low-impact studio aerobics." Look for it soon in a video store near you!

Here's what the pots look like once I wipe them down- the black glaze ends up really highlighting those textures. I then brush and pour more oxides and glazes on top.

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Jen Mecca said...

Oh my god, you are so funny!
I use to look a site in the dead of summer while carrying Quaid with a jog-bra and shorts on. There would be clay all over my belly from throwing and Joey would come home, take one look at me, shake his head and walk back out of my studio( well the laundry room at that time).
I have a photo of me throwing the week he was born, I'll have to show you it.