Friday, March 14, 2008

Different cups for different needs

I made this great smoothie today and realized after I had poured it into one of my favorite cups that it looked pretty amazing in there. This is one by Ronan Peterson (the cup, not the beverage) who works up in the Chapel Hill area. It's got a great crackley surface and is perfect to hold.

This is my new Kari Radasch mug that I just bought in Atlanta last weekend. Why am I smiling? Well, the top opening is nice and wide and perfect for maximizing the amount of marshmallows floating on top of hot chocolate. And, although you can't see it in the picture, the bottom's nice and wide too, which allows it to sit easily on my quickly enlarging belly shelf.


Ron said...


Jen Mecca said...

Nothing is better than a cool cup to drink out of.
Hey, just a thought. You should make some mugs with your pink glaze and the drawings on them! I would buy one in a heart beat! jen