Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh, things kids say

Wednesdays are usually a bit exhausting for me these days. I start off by meeting my friend Julie in the morning at the gym, doing the eliptical machine while reading smut magazines and chatting. Then off to teach class at Clayworks, tutoring at an afterschool program, back for a few hours of work in the studio and then back to Clayworks to teach an evening class.

I got a great little post-tutoring boost of energy today because one of my little students said something really funny. We haven't discussed the fact that I'm pregnant, so, I guess she was just trying to have my back on this one. As I got up to leave today, Tori gave me a hug from the side, looked up at me and said, "Miss Amy, I'm sorry. But your belly is gettin' kinda big." In other words, start focusing a little more during those workouts! Oh, the humility kids can create!


Ron said...

That's cute Amy. Tori is a sweet name too.
Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Amy Sanders said...

You're really on this name kick. Can you just go ahead and keep a running list for me? We're challenged with boys names, so work on that! Heh heh.

Ron said...

I'm on it.

Jen Mecca said...

You need to get one of those books and start Xing out and highlighting...boys names are hard. Joey wanted to name Quaid, Nixson because he knew it would be "unique", that is when I said...OK..time to get out the book!j