Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Current projects and a little bit of drama

In conjuction with working on regular inventory and gallery orders in the studio, I've recently had some great special commissions. I'm just wrapping up one for the Arts and Science Council here in Charlotte. They're currenly in the throws of their fund drive, and commissioned me to make the gifts for the chairpeople of the drive. The first picture is the poster created specifically for this year's drive, and I was to design the gifts based on it. So, here are a few getting glazed, 2 finished pieces and small stacks of the finished product.
For me, no commission would be complete without a little bit of drama. While these are technically due next Wednesday, I gave myself a due date of this Friday, to make sure everything got done in time. I always make extra, just in case something happens that's out of my control (or I just plain mess up!). Well, they ended up ordering extra at the last minute which ate up my "just in case" pieces. Of course, as I opened the kiln yesterday, this was the face I made when I discovered that 3 pieces had major glaze snafoos:

Then I realized that I had enough time to remake the extras I needed...Here I am making more trays. Watch out for that belly! Yikes.

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Ron said...

Those are great Amy. Nice pics. Got one of your bowls today at Bowling for Dollars.