Saturday, February 28, 2009

Potter's Conference: Focus on Function

Last week Guthrie, Brian and I travelled to our home town of Cincinnati for a visit with family, my little sister's bachelorette party and, most importantly, the Potter's Council regional conference where I was a presenter. While I've taught classes for over 9 years, this was my first big-time demonstration of my own work in front of a live (captive, sorry folks) audience. I was really excited and honored to present at this conference, as it has been a long-term goal of mine to teach workshops. There were 6 presenters total: 3 demonstrated at a time, one group in the morning, one in the afternoon. The attendees were great- they asked good, thoughtful questions, seemed very engaged, and laughed appropriately at my dorky jokes. My lovely assistant Leslie was extremely helpful and encouraging and took some pictures during the demo. I didn't realize I looked so funny while teaching- there were several shots of me pointing with my knife which was a bit disconcerting! Here's a sample:

Stamping is fun!
Bending the frame of a wallpiece:
Stretching a slab:
Look mom! I made a bowl:
The conference was held at Funke Fired Arts, an amazing clay studio in Cincinnati. The facilities seemed to be endless. This studio was a mecca for all kinds of ceramic artists: fully equipped with a materials shop, an exhibit and retail gallery, and seemingly boundless areas to work. The staff and volunteers there were super helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. The Clay Alliance also provided a lot of help which was very appreciated.
The work of Laura Ross, another presenter:
Steve Howell's work:
Kelly King discussing her sculptural/functional wall shelves during her demonstration:
Kelly King demonstrating:
Laura Ross's throwing demonstration:


Ron said...

Look how cute you are!

Jen Mecca said...

You are our little rock star!! Congrads Amy! Big hinny slap!jen

NCHiker said...

I will be able to say "I knew you when!"

Anonymous said...

You were a wonderful presenter. I learned and I laughed! I have already made my first five stamps and have practiced your slap methods. Soon, I hope to incorporate them into my own work.
I think that you will be presenting more often when people find out how engaging you are!

BTW; I am the treasurer of a colleges Ceramic Arts Club, and we are looking for some ways to spend our budget for 09. How far are you from St. Louis?

Anonymous said...

hi amy... just received my pottery illustrated and you're on the cover... anyway, great article and congratulations

amy said...

Heather- I'm so glad to hear that you're trying some of the techniques! I would love to come teach in St. Louis sometime and am totally up for traveling to teach.

Jim- glad you like the article. It's fun and weird to see my work in a magazine.

Kandise said...

Hi Amy! All of your fans at Charlotte Country Day were so thrilled to see you on the cover of Pottery Making Illustrated!!!! WOW!~ I shared the magazine at a Special Area lunch and all of your old friends here at CCDS couldn't be more happy for you! I miss you and think of you often. You are one beautiful mama! Congrats on everything!!!! Love- Kandise

Karen said...

Hi, Amy! Greetings from Country Day! We are still here teaching kids and talking about the famous potter who used to work here with us!!

Kandise brought the pottery magazine to a special area team lunch today and shared it during our "good news announcements." Many of us remember you so fondly, Amy, and we were so excited about the article and thrilled about your success!

How lucky am I to own 3 original Amy Sanders pieces?! I think of you every time I look at them. We miss you here but you were destined for great things.

Hello to Brian as well as and to your cute, darling little Guthrie! What a happy sweetheart!

Karen Sullivan
Charlotte Country Day School

Carole S said...

Hi Amy,

I so wished I could have attended the Ohio conference...budgeting limitations.

Love your work and kudos for making the cover on P.M.I.

Anonymous said...

Your work is so interesting and you are a fabulous presenter...I totally loved "focus on function"...can't wait to get my stamps bisqued so I can use them.
I thought it was fun to see my face in the class you taught:-)
kriss uehling...iowa

Mama V said...

Amy, I can tell that you're such an amazing teacher! This was so great! Looks like you had fun as well?!