Monday, December 15, 2008

Special orders

The past couple of weeks I've been working on a few special orders- some for gifts, one through a gallery and one bigger project.
Just before I gave birth to Guthrie I was approached about making an urn and I reluctantly turned down the opporutnity because it didn't seem possible to make it in a timely fashion. This family really wanted it so they decided to wait (I felt/feel really honored by this). I finally got around to working on it over the past couple weeks and am pleased with the result (I hope the family receiving it will be too!). The knob on the top is attached to a lid that sits flush on the top and can be waxed shut once the ashes are inserted.
I've also begun working on two sinks for my friend Jeanene. Her house has undergone a huge renovation so she commissioned me to make her a couple of sinks that will sit on a large countertop in the master bath. Here's one in process. Obviously the hole for the drain hasn't been cut and I still need to add support to the little side wall. The actual bowl is 5" deep, so hopefully that'll be enough for it not to splash (cross your fingers!).


Ron said...

Good to see you've had some studio time. Nice jar and I'm sure Jeanne will be happy w. the sinks.

jbf said...

Beautiful work, as always.

BTW, loved your new work at the Clayworks sale.

Jen Mecca said... you have just became my pottery hero after seeing that sink! If I tried to do that all the seams would crack apart, the sides would not fit and I would give up! rock Amy Sanders!Jen

amy said...

Thanks y'all. Jen, you're crazy. I'm drying it incredibly slowly to make sure it does indeed stay together- it's all about the slip and score (except, I don't slip).

barbara edwards said...

You don't slip? Just score? - even more impressive. I'll be waiting to see the finished sinks. The urn is beautiful - balanced and textural, calm and elegant. I'm sure the family will be happy they waited.

Nona said...

WOW Amy! I am so impressed. The urn is amazing and the sinks are over the top. You have incredible vision and skill. Whenever I have tried making anything so big they seems to warp, even when I dry slowly. Great job - I look forward to seeing them finished.

amy said...

Barbara- I guess I do "slip" in a way. My students all know my mantra: "Wet score, wet score."

Nona- good to hear from you!