Sunday, December 21, 2008

Finished Urn

I was able to complete the urn before heading to Ohio to visit with family for Christmas and am pleased with the results. Hopefully the family who commissioned it will like it. Attached to the surface of the piece was a coin that has special significance to the family. It seemed to integrate well into the piece.


Jerry said...

That is such a special piece. It's given me a lump in throat even though I am completely removed from the situation. You can really tell how much thought, care and effort went into it's making. Good job.

amy said...

Oh, thanks Jerry!

Patricia Griffin said...

A special piece. You've honored the purpose and the family with a very thoughtfully created piece they will treasure. Congrats Amy!

kota said...

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Nona said...

Amy . . .this looks incredible. I love how it has turned out . . . what a very special way to honor their loved one.

Anonymous said...

I really like the look of the urn and your clay quilts. Te urn appears to have a metallic finish. Can you share what type pf glazez you used and what cone are they fired.