Saturday, December 15, 2007

Demo at the Piedmont Craft Fair

I recently got some pictures in the mail from Nicole (who's the education director) at Piedmont Craftsmen. I did a short demo during the sale in Winston-Salem, hence the red dress. And, no, I didn't plan ahead to have a matching apron, but it does look quite nice...

I ended up making a teapot, a small wall piece and a basket bud vase. As I've said before, often when I'm teaching/demonstrating I feel the need to entertain as well as educate (which is not always needed or necessary or even appropriate). Luckily, this time, I don't think I embarrassed myself or scared any small children.


Ron said...

Hey I think it would be way cool for you to dress like that all the time when you make pots. You did say you recently discovered you were a girl after all.
Good to see you Friday.

Amy Sanders said...

I will, only if you start wearing a suit while you work.