Thursday, December 6, 2007

Art Collective show

Here are a couple of the new pieces I'll have at the Art Collective show this Friday and Saturday. While I've been working on this series of pieces (which I lovingly call my "post-modern fine china") for a couple of months, I really feel like they're starting to work. I've been looking at a lot of old european pottery, such as wedgewood, for reference of the forms. I'm hoping to soon extend this work to other serving pieces such as gravy boats, teapots/tea services and large bowl forms. I'm looking forward to going home to Ohio over Christmas and getting some good inspiration by sorting through my grandma's china closet filled with awesome items of this nature.

Even though this image is a little fuzzy, this was my recent favorite as it came out of the kiln. It looks like a night scene, with glowing street lights:
This is the train crossing on Sugar Creek Rd., close to the dead end of Davison St.
A detail of the image above:
A similar scene as the first one, but with a completely different color scheme. I've really enjoyed working with new colors and experimenting with line in the borders:
As I've recently discovered/realized that I am indeed a girl (as opposed to the 9 year-old boy that lives inside me....that I often give too much voice to!) I have started to really really like putting pink on this pots. So pink it is!!!!
Come out to Charlotte Foust's studio this Friday or Saturday if you can make it. Like I said before, my dreamy husband is going to be playing some music to create the proper ambiance for the evening, and there will be champange and goodies too. Sounds like a perfect time to check out some art!


Ron said...

I love what you are doing Amy. Even the 'girly' stuff speaks to me. Maybe I have a 9 yr old girl inside me. That's weird. Okay. Way to go on two posts!!!!

Amy Sanders said...

I did always think that you'd look good with pigtails, Ron...