Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March shows

March will be quite a month for there there pottery. I've been working on new work in the studio for some shows coming up:

There are some new low-fire bowls of mine being featured in a multi-media group show at Gallery Up in Rock Hill, SC called ARPA:Raw. 8 other artists will have work in clay, painting, printmaking, and installation. The show opens tomorrow (Thursday, March 10) at 7:00.

A sugar/creamer set much like the one below is being featured in the Mad Hatter's Exhibition at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach Florida. Sales from the exhibition help fund their residency program, so if you're in the area, stop by and purchase some pots for a good cause!
Meanwhile, at Craftsman House Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL, I will be participating in an exciting show, The Art of Function, with many talented potters that is taking place during NCECA. So, if you're down for the conference, visiting or live in the area- check out the show (I think it's even on one of the bus tours for NCECA)!
Here are some of the pieces in the show...

I will also be delivering work at the end of the month to Lark and Key Gallery for a dual show with the glorious/magical painter Duy Huynh. The show opens April 1 and runs through the end of May. More details of this to follow...

*This entry is featured on my friend Jessa's blog, Happily Home Sewn, as a Peek of the Week. Check out her blog- it features all her beautifully sewn goodies (mostly for kiddos), two sweet sweet boys and crafty goodness. Thanks Jessa!


Jessa said...

Dude. Rock on whicha bad self.

And, purely coincidentally, this would be perfect for my new Friday blog feature - the Peek of the Week - because potter awesomeness is something to be proud of. And like 4% of my 7 readers live in N.C. and could come see these lovelies in person.

Jump over to my blog on Friday to link this post to the list of Peek of the Week posts (it'll probably be the first - Peek of the Week is just getting started).

If you wanna see how it all works - check out last Friday's 1st ever Peek of the Week to see what it's all about:

Sorry for the novel and the shameless self-promotion! Hopefully you'll get some new readers out of it!

In other news, I have working potter envy.

Hope the boys are fabulous!

chandra said...

Well done, Amy! I love your work and especially loved seeing your set at the Mad Hatter event. I was particularly in love with the tray . . . I am pretty sure your piece sold! Thanks for participating.

Amy said...

Thanks ladies! Jessa- I'm officially linked, girl. No problem on the shameless promotion (it's what we've gotta do sometimes, right?).

Chandra- so glad to be a part of the show! I hope it was really successful and brought in lots of funds for the Armory!

Jessa said...

YAY! You're linked up! I hope lots of people come see what you're up to!!!

Throw one pot for me!

Mama V said...

Whoa, this stuff is brilliant. And gorgeous. You're working hard, mama!

Darci said...

Beautiful work, Amy! I love that the detail is not overpowering, and the colors are so soothing. Makes me want to touch, and I have a bull-in-the-china-shop syndrome so I can only ever looky looky. Haha.

Anonymous said...

Wish someone in Tx could show me how to get glaze results like you get! Ay suggestions?