Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Upcoming shows and events

I'm excited to have some work in a couple of shows that are opening this Friday. At Pottery 101 in Salisbury, NC, you'll find an exhibition featuring the work of Ron Philbeck, Jen Mecca, Julie Wiggins, and me. We'll be heading up there for the opening (sans the kiddos); it should be a good time. Come by and visit if you can!

In Durham, at Claymakers Studio and Gallery, you'll discover "Folded, Fitted, Printed and Pinched"- a show of handbuilt pots by Laura Avery, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Susan Feagan, Shawn Ireland, Barbara McKenzie and yours truly. It will run from May 21-July 10. Stop by and check it out- they also have a great studio there at Claymakers, with a wide variety of classes and workshops.

While I've been back to teaching at Clayworks, I've been excited to start "filling" my calendar this summer and fall with some workshop (more details to follow once they get completely confirmed). The soonest one is a two part project-based workshop, "Not your granny's fine china," at the Women Centered Art Co-op here in Charlotte. We'll be making a serving tray over the course of two separate classes: June 6th and June 27th from 1-3. You can read more about it and register here. (please forgive the bad picture of only bisqued pots)

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Awesome! Go, Amy!