Monday, September 21, 2009

More images from Lark and Key show

Here are a couple more pictures from the show at Lark and Key. While most of the show was inspired by how much I enjoy my role as a mom (which is why in my mind it's called the "mommyitus" show), there was also a small thread of a conflicting feeling of desiring solitude and time in the studio. It's that same old story that so many women have (and men too!) who are both artists and parents: cherishing time with family, while also feeling a pull to create. In this vein, I had one piece that was called, "Tea for One."
Back to a piece directly inspired by my little guy, Guthrie, and images that invade my vision every day: below is a collection of wall pieces that together create an alphabet quilt. I enjoyed working on this piece for several reasons, but most of all because my husband, Brian, helped me design it. Once I described my idea for this piece to him, Bri became very excited about the possibility of creating a "font" for the project. So, one night we busted out some graphing paper (which, in the end, was a bit too tight) and designed each of the letters together. While he is so supportive of my life as an artist- and often expresses good judgments and opinions about my work- we hadn't really ever directly worked on a piece together. It was fun and added a lot to this piece for me personally.

A long view of the ABC quilt:
Another thing that excited me about this piece was that each individual wall piece, on it's own, doesn't necessarily read as a letter of the alphabet. It appears more as just an abstract collection of cut out shapes, but with them shown together, the intention becomes more clear. Detail of the piece:
Hanging out with my main man G at the opening. Gosh, he's getting so big!
Thanks to all who came out to see the show!


Linda Starr said...

Wow, he is getting big, how old is he now? Great work, love the quilt.

amy said...

Guthrie is now 15 months old. And is quite a hilarious little guy.

Anonymous said...

he's a cutie... lovely work

Jerry said...

The ABC Quilt is absolutely fantastic. Love it!

Gaylynn said...

OMG! He looks like Grandpa Doug.LOL But, he is adorable despite the Roush traits.LOL