Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fine, here you go Ron

So, I know I've been completely delinquent of posting anything on my blog for some time. I officially apologize to the 7 people that read this! Sadly, it's been so long that I forgot my password to log on to post- now that's sad. So, Ron, this is for you!

Actually, I've been quite busy getting ready for upcoming shows and such. Next week is the Piedmont Craft Fair in Winston-Salem, which is a 2 day show at the convention center there. It's a great show that has many repeat artists, which means I get to see some friends that I typically only see once a year- so, I'm looking forward to it.

My sweet sweet friend Alyssa is coming tonight just to be really nice to help me glaze. So I decided to make my all time favorite treat: zucchini muffins. Even though they're made with a vegetable, they're not too healthy. Eh. Who cares?!

I promise to post more often- I have some great pictures from a recent trip to DC to see some eco-friendly residential buildings. Coming soon in a post.....


Ron said...

Yea!!! A new post!!! Nice muffins, you should see my pancakes!!

Becky said...

The muffins are great! I enjoyed them last night at our Final Class/Raku Firing. I really enjoyed the techniques you showed us. What you do is not as easy as you make it look in demos. But it['s a welcome challenge & I have a newfound appreciation for handbuilding. Thank you!

(Did Ron bring his pancakes to his final class supper?)